Mila Kunis plays Temple Run

mila kunis temple run

Many of you might wonder Mila Kunis might do in her spare time? Well here’s your answer, she smokes a cigarette and plays Temple Run online on her mobile!

I’m surprised Mila Kunis hasn’t boycotted the game after Imangi (the makers of Temple Run) and Disney failed to put Mila in their latest game Temple Run Oz, despite being one of the leading roles!


Mila Kunis is the Wicked Witch of the West

kunis smile

Headlining a cast that contains Rachel Weiz and Michelle Williams Mila Kunis once again stole the show in Russia earlier this week. Appearing at the premier of Disney’s step back in time to land of yellow brick roads and heel clicking: Oz: The Great and the Powerful.

Mila Kunis talks Oz

Arriving for at Claridges Hotel, London for the UK premier last Friday (March 1st) Kunis looked sultry and sophisticated. That same night appearing on the BBC chat show The Graham Norton Show where the Family Guy star looked absolutely stunning.

mila kunis london premier oz

the graham nortons how mila kunis

The Witches


Mila Kunis in Glitter Hair Barbie Commercial (1994)

Mila Kunis starring in “Glitter Hair Barbie” commercial back in 1994. Mila would only have been around 11-12 years old here.

Do you remember Glitter Hair Barbies?

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Piranha (1995)


Piranha Dvd CoverDoctor Baines has been conducting genetic experiments on piranhas and has made them virtually unstoppable. Unfortunately, his assistants, Maggie and Paul, accidentally release the hybrids into the Lost River Lake threatening to destroy everyone in their path. Can they prevent the flesh-eating piranhas from escaping into the ocean and spawning?



Mila Kunis Esquire Magazine Photoshoot 2012

Here are the complete set of pictures from the photoshoot for Mila Kunis winning the Esquire Magazines “Sexiest Woman Alive” award in October 2012.